What is the value in a country’s reputation?
A shift in global priorities and political change permeate
FutureBrand’s latest Country Index



  • 'Environmental friendliness', 'Quality of Life’ and ‘Tolerance’ emerge as the new measures of a great nation.
  • Political change and uncertainty cause UK and US to fall while the top countries appear to benefit from greater stability.
  • The new BRICS emerge: Slovakia, Peru, Hungary, Turkey and Romania are the upcoming nations to watch.报告亮点:
  • “环境友好”、“生活质量”和“包容性”成为伟大国家的新衡量标准。
  • 政治变动和不确定性导致英国和美国声誉下降,与之相反, 排名靠前的国家从更大的稳定性中受益。
  • 新的金砖国家出现:斯洛伐克、秘鲁、匈牙利、土耳其和罗马尼亚五国成为冉冉上升的新星,值得关注。

25th June 2019: FutureBrand today release the findings from their eighth edition of the Country Index. Japan, Norway and Switzerland come out on top, the UK, US and Australia all fall down the rankings, and Slovakia, Luxembourg and Nigeria are some of the surprising winners.


While the comprehensive data set is multifaceted and nuanced, the index broadly tells the story of society’s changing values and the effect  of political change since FutureBrand’s last Country Index in 2014.

作为一个综合的数据指标,它具有多面性和细微误差,但该指数报告广泛阐释了自FutureBrand 2014年最近一次国家指数发布以来,社会不断变化的价值观和政治变革带来的社会影响。

The index re-orders the World Bank top 75 countries (by GDP) based on how 2,500 survey participants from 75 countries rated dimensions of a country’s purpose and experience, covering culture, business, tourism, quality of life, and value systems.  This places countries with smaller GDPs on comparable footing with more traditionally dominant nations and the net effect establishes an entirely new world order.

该指数报告数据采集自 75个国家的2500名受访者,基于一个国家品牌的“品牌目标”和“品牌体验”两大维度指标体系(涵盖文化、商业、旅游、生活质量和价值体系等)的评估, 对世界银行GDP排名前75位的国家进行了重新排序。这使得GDP较小的国家与传统上占主导地位的国家具有了可比性,通过对比确立了一个全新的世界秩序。

'Environmental friendliness', 'Quality of Life’ and ‘Tolerance' all surge in importance in this year’s index as the new measures of a great nation. Surprisingly, the US has slipped five spots to 12 and the UK has fallen seven places to 19. Both nations are now broadly perceived as being less inviting to tourists, visitors, students and investors who question some of the policies now informing (and ultimately shaping) the value systems in these nations.

“环境友好”、“生活质量”和“包容性” 作为衡量一个伟大国家的标准,在今年指数报告中的重要性更加明显。令人惊讶的是,美国已下滑5个位置至第12位,而英国则下降了7个位置至第19位。现在人们普遍认为这两个国家对观光者、到访者、学生和投资者的吸引力不足,人们质疑这些国家的一些政治举措,这些举措宣告了(并最终形成了)其价值观体系。

In response, FutureBrand’s Country Index explores the concept of ‘Countrymaking’ as a way of kick-starting tourism, investment and consumer preference for a country’s goods and services. The report reveals a range of themes directly impacting country brands and highlight the need for ‘Countrymaking’ to achieve competitive advantage over other nations and trigger growth and development:


Political stability attracts tourism and investment: The top 3 countries (Japan, Norway and Switzerland) have all reaped the benefits of political stability, social democracy and staunch neutrality respectively, while countries experiencing greater political division, uncertainty and rising socio-political unrest, (UK, US, France, India, Brazil,) have all taken significant hits. The perception of political instability on tourism and investment has never been so stark.


The new pursuit: Living richly, not just living a rich life: Quality of Life is an increasingly critical factor in the personal calculus of a country. The Quality of Life dimension averaged highest of all among the top 10 countries, and lowest in the bottom 10 countries. GDP is no longer the defining measure of a powerful country.


Businesses are more likely to invest in tolerant countries: FutureBrand’s 2014 study highlighted Extremism and Migration as dominant themes informing the future of country brands. Now, five years on, perceptions of ‘tolerance' increased across all top 10 countries from 2014 and it’s become one of the most important factors in shaping what countries people want to visit, call home and ultimately do business with.

企业更有可能投资有包容度的国家:FutureBrand 2014年的研究报告强调,极端主义和移民是国家品牌未来形象的重要主题。现在,五年过去了,从2014年开始,所有排名前十的国家“包容性”都有所增加,这已经成为人们想要访问、安家并最终生意往来的最重要因素之一。

The new BRICS: Slovakia, Peru, Hungary, Turkey and Romania all rose between 12-24 places each and are the upcoming nations to watch. Measurements of Quality of Life, Environmental friendliness and the appeal of products ‘Made-in’ these nations all rose for these countries.


Environmental awareness = better quality of life: Perceptions of a country’s “Environmental friendliness” correlate highly with perceptions of “Health and education,” “Standard of living” and “Advanced technology”. Looking at the top-four risers of “Environmental friendliness” (Japan, Finland, Norway, and Nigeria) each either shows significant improvement or trends upward on each of these perceptions. Meanwhile, the US’s lack of commitment to environmental concerns have contributed to its fall in the rankings.

环境友好 =更好的生活质量:对一个国家的“环境友好”的认知度与“健康和教育”、“生活水平”和“先进技术”3个方面的认知度高度相关。看看在“环境友好”方面排名上升位列前四位的国家(日本、芬兰、挪威和尼日利亚),每一个国家在这几个方面的公众认知都呈现显著提高或者上升趋势。与此同时,美国对环境问题缺乏承诺,导致其排名下降。

QUOTE BY Jon Tipple, Chief Strategy Office Worldwide, FutureBrand:
 “In the five years since our last report we have seen the UK drop 7 places making it one of the biggest fallers in terms of global perception. Despite still being in the top 20, by a whisker, falling out of the top 15 ranking should cause concern for Brand Britain. Our research indicates that polarised politics could be to blame. However, where politics may fail us, brands and businesses have an opportunity to shape the value system taking ‘countrymaking’ into their own hands ensuring investment and tourism flourish in the future.”

引用 FutureBrand全球首席战略官Jon Tipple评论:
“自我们上次报告发布以来的五年中,我们看到英国排名下降了7位,成为全球排名最大的下滑者。 尽管仍然排名前20位,但是排名在前15位之外,应引起英国的重视。 我们的研究表明,政治的两极分化可能是罪魁祸首。 然而,在政治让我们失望的地方,品牌和企业主们仍有机会将“国家制造”掌握在他们自己手中,塑造价值体系, 确保投资和旅游业在未来蓬勃发展 。

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